ZGTS 192 Derma Roller Titanium Micro Needle Roller System


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The microneedle roller system is a very fashionable beauty therapy method nowadays. ,It uses many tiny needles on the Dermaroller to stimulate the skin. Numerous tiny channels are created in a short time to allow the active ingredients of the product to penetrate
into the skin and enhance absorption.

1: Does the microneedle derma roller operation hurt?
Because the photo is a close-up, it is actually not that good to take, and it has a slight tingling sensation. Everyone has a different feeling of pain. In actual use, most people will only have a slight tingling sensation, but it will not be too obvious. The strength is controlled by yourself, and how much strength you can bear can be controlled by yourself.

2: Will the pores become larger when the microneedling roller is operated?
The microneedles are very small, and the rolling micropores of the micro roller will soon heal. Seize this opportunity to supplement the skin with nutrients 192 stainless steel needles are neatly arranged on the microneedle tube roller. Rolling over the skin will produce micropores that are invisible to the naked eye. The stimulation of the microneedles accelerates the synthesis of collagen and makes the micropores heal quickly. Thicken, the skin texture changes naturally without increasing pores.

Product Information:
Product Name:Micro Needle Roller System
Packaging: Sterilization bag + packaging carton
Specification: Length 135mm Height: 28mm,
Material: transparent handle + 192 stainless steel needle
Features:Creates fine pores in the skin to make the product better absorbed
Needles: Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon,Silicon, Manganese,Sulphur, Chromium, Nickel
Handle: Polycarbonate

1. Effectively reduce wrinkles, improve scars and stretch marks
2. Whitening and spotting Whiten skin, diminish dark spots and dark circles
3. Improve firmness Tighten and lift facial skin tissue
4. Improve alopecia

How to use it?
Roll tho device in up-down, left-right and in diagonal motions 5 to 10 times on each treated area. It is non effective and unnecessary to apply any creams or lotions prior to needling; besides, it shall help to avoid any allergic reaction or irritation possible due to increased intensity of the products that you may apply. Do not use the Sodacoda Dermaroller – Mesoroller – near sensitive parts of body such as eyelids and lips, If your skin shows hypersensitive reaction after needling, stop using the micro needle roller  immediately.

1.Please order new Microniddle roller or replacement heads as soon as you notice the needles of your DRS device have become dull.
2.Do not use if you have a fungal skin infection, open cuts, wounds, active acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or any other active infections.
3.If you are not sure about your skin condition, please consult a dermatologist before using the roller
4.if the skin feel sensitive after a skin needling treatment, stop using the roller immediately and consult a skin care specialist.
5.Store the needle roller safely in the.protective case provided and keep it out of the reach of children.
6.Do not share your titanium roller with anyone else.
7.Keep the microneedle part always clean.

Cleaning method 
1. about the Mesoroller ,Soak about 5~8 minutes with 75% alcohol.
2. about the Derma Rolling System,Using ultraviolet to disinfect for about 45 minutes.