Wireless Arcade Video Game Console With Over 2000 Games


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1.one package include two controls,support two people play,

2.Built-in 1788 games,include main arcade games(you can check the game list at the bottom of the page)

3.With a 8G TF card,you can add more games in the TF card and you can change a larger capacity TF card.

4.can save game progress and can redefine the function of the key :press select+start when playing game and then you can do it.

5.there is a game list at the bottom of the page


1.It can support these format games:NES\ SNES\ SFC\ MD\ GEN\ BIN\ ZIP\ GBAA

2.The TF card needs some free space,at least 200M,otherwise it may crash when running games

3.Please use at least C10 speed TF card if you want to change a TF card,and copy all the file to your new TF card,we recommend you back up the file in the TF card in case the TF card go wrong