1pc Wacky Tracks


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  • 🎁Stress Relief Fidget Toys-Wacky tracks snap and click fidget toys are amazing for kids,teens,adults.Tactile snake click fidget toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention.
  • 🎁Material-The tangle snake fidget toy is a premier snake puzzle toy.The non-toxic plastic of sensory toys is thick and durable.The quality and durability of tangle fidget toys are exceptional.
  • 🎁Snap and Click Fidget Packs-Each of the 24 links on the Snap & Click Fidget Toy pivots and locks into 5 positions.They are able to be bent into all sorts of different shapes as you want!
  • 🎁Exercise Your Skills-Build up your motor skills,eye and hand coordination skills,problem solving skills and expands the mind while sharpening your powers of creation. Amazing toys for engineering or artistically-minded children. Strengthen the links to create your own shapes and designs.

When straightened out these may appear boring, but when you start to bend, click, and snap there is no limit to the shapes you can make. Also known as wacky tracks, this stim toy bends horizontally and vertically and every section comes apart. To unsnap the sections grasp with both hands then pull apart. The toy is made out of plastic so be careful not to twist or pull too hard and cause the plastic to break. To reconnect just push the tongue into the opposite side making this a really fun and creative stim toy. This fidget toy might be hard for some as the pieces take a little force to unsnap and snap.