U-Shaped Children’s Toothbrush – Pink


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50x30mm For Age 3-7

Material: food grade silicone +ABS
Power Supply Mode:USB
Color: Pink/Blue
Types:2-7 years old toothbrush/8-15 years old toothbrush/2-7 years old U-toothbrush head/8-15 years old U-toothbrush head

– This product adopts the omni-directional waterproof seal design IPX7 convenient,durable and clean
– U type tooth brush head design,using food grade silicone antibacterial soft material, 360° contact gums and teeth,Every time you brush your teeth,you can give your mouth a quick and comfortable experience
– The use of this product can be a good prevention of gingival atrophy, promote the circulation of the periodontal blood,reduce the occurrence of periodontal disease

Package Included:
1x Host
1x Silicone brush head
1x USB charging cable
1x Instructions