The One With All The Cards – Party Game


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The ‘Friends’ Version Of Cards Against Humanity Version Is Here At Last

What makes this game even more appealing is that, even with 99 “gray cards” (aka reminder cards) and 180 “white cards” (the card you use to answer the prompt) for “The One With All The Card “, a game to fill in the topic of friends.

Settle down around your friends’ favorite couch or coffee shop table, because game night just got more rad than ever. The Friends version of Cards Against Humanity is here, and it’s exactly as exciting as you think. No one told you games could ever be this way.

Based on the mega-hit sitcom from the ’90s, this expansion pack for the popular Cards Against Humanity game is appropriately named The One With All the Cards. It offers up endless chances for laughter at game night. Although there are enough cards in this pack to play a standalone game, when paired with the famously ridiculous and risque Cards Against Humanity prompts, the options become hysterical. Save these games for well after the kids are in bed, though, because they’re definitely just for adults (a.k.a. people old enough to have memorized classic ’90s sitcoms).

The game features plenty of unforgettable lines from the show, including “Drinking a gallon of milk in ten seconds” and “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?”, according to the seller’s website. If you’re familiar with Cards Against Humanity, then you know exactly how weird this game can get in just a few plays. So if you and your friends still secretly want to rock “The Rachel” haircut from now until the end of time, this is the perfect game to liven up your next hangout.