Super X Console 4K HD


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1.[Powerful Core] 64-bit 4-quad-core 2.0GHz(DVFS) CPU , Mali-450 graphics processor,support 4k 60fps and 3D video output,smoothly runs more than 80 Emulators 50000 games.
2. [Countless Games] Come with 64G/128G micro SD card, preinstall 33000~40000 retro games,including PSP/DC/N64/PS/NEOGEO/NES/GB…… 50+  Emulators ,almost all of the classical retro games we know.User can install games themself.
3.[4K HD Output ] Support H.264 4K HD video,smoothly display 3D video games,such as Pro Evolution Soccer games,and other big PS/PSP/N64 games.