1pc Strong Transparent Indoor Hanger


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It is this wall hook features that is super waterproof, and even on water stained, wet walls, it still holds things tightly on the wall, and is widely used in bathroom, outdoor, kitchen and decoration, including Socket, trash can, brush toilet and flower pot.
It is easy to find a wall hanger that has a certain amount of flexibility, and a patch of glue, which is larger than the hook holder itself, making it stronger and more reliable than any hook on the market, so there is no need to worry about its falling, with the help of a hook wall.
Using high-quality PVC and PS material, this product is stable, and shake proof.
The length of each product is 6 cm, the width is 6 cm.
It is designed for homes, hotels, hotels, offices and so on, and is suitable for ceramics, metal, glass and other hard part walls.

Item Name: Wall Hooks
Material: PS

Features: Wide application, strong construction, waterproof
Detail details:
Each hook wall Size: 6cm x 6cm / 2.36 “x 2.36” (approx.)