Stainless Steel Egg Beater & Wiper Baking Set


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  • Even when baking delicious desserts, don’t forget to clean your kitchen!
  • The Baking Wiper keeps the liquid from dripping onto your hands and can be hung on the wall to control water stains and keep your counters clean.


Main Features

  • ▶ Fast Cleaning
    The Baking Wiper helps you to clean quicklywiping your whisk in just a few seconds and saving you the hassle of having to rinse your whisk for a long time.
  • ▶ Keep Your Kitchen Clean!
    The Baking Wiper can be used to stand the whisk in a bowl or on the countertop to prevent dripping of the beaten liquid onto your hands.
  • The Baking Wiper even catches drips from the finished whiskand can be hung up to control water spots for easy cleaning and drying, keeping your kitchen clean.▶ Can Also Be A Spatula!
    It can also be a spatula to wipe down bowls, even ones with rims, without letting all the food go to waste and to put food that has clung to the top of the whisk into the mixing bowl.