Squeeze Bubble Key Buckle




1. Squeeze bubble toys: this stress sensory squeeze toy suitable for all kinds of people, also great for kids and people with high stress or anxiety levels.

2. Pop sound: just press the bubble down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again.

3. Play anywhere: you can play it anywhere, in a car, plane,bed, restaurant,classroom, camping, school, office and so on.

4. Material: it is made of silicone material, its safe and harmless, resistant to falling, abrasion, and extrusion.

5. Wide application range: the push pop bubble fidget sensory toy can be used to cultivate children’s logical ability in family games. For autistic patients, this is an excellent sensory toy. It is also an ideal toy for adults to reduce work pressure.

6. Tip: don’t use fingernails or other sharp objects to squeeze the edges of the bubbles, which may damage the product.



The educational toys are made of silica gel, waterproof, happy to play anytime, anywhere, suitable for children and adults.



Size: 4*8cm

Material: plastic, silicone

Purpose: decompression

Applicable objects: adults, children


Package Included:

1 * Squeeze Bubble Key Buckle Toy