Anti-Loss Sock Washing Organizer


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  • 3 easy steps, fun for kids to keep laundry neat
  • For storing & washing adult, kid, & baby socks
  • Cool Organizer, n folding or matching clean socks
  • Saves space eliminates the need for a sock drawer
  • Foot-shaped hanger fits in a closet or over the doorknob

No more single sock!

Saves you a lot of time in keeping your socks well-organized! Its adjustable sliders hold and lock your dirty socks; simply hang them in your closet directly after drying! Enjoy an easier way of life and never lose a sock again!

  • Unique two-In-one accessory saves lost socks in washer/dryer; adjustable sliders hold and lock dirty socks.
  • Great alternative to a sock drawer organizer; Parents will love this and never lose a sock again!

3 easy steps: wash, dry, & hang in closet – socks never separate from their mate; foot-shaped hanger fits in closet or over doorknob

Keep your laundry socks organized and together

Fun for boys and girls to keep socks neat & organized; Works with all size socks – adult, kid, & baby socks

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 10 cm


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