Silicone Eyeliner Tool & Black Eyeliner


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Eyeliner Size: 18.5cm / 7.3in
only pen

【NATURAL PERPECT EYELINE SHAPE】Glides along the lash line with no pulling, dragging, or pulling, designed to achieve eye enhancement techniques including classic, winged liner, tight-mucous and more.
【EASY TO USE】Universally designed vertical shape for easy control, curved, soft and flexible precision tip to follow the eye’s natural shape, built-in finger rest rounded edge to stable guide application.
【WATERPROOF FORMULA】This liquid eyeliner is waterproof, sweat resistant and not easy to stain makeup, excellent makeup holding power, sealed design for longer use.
【EASY TO HOLD HANDLE】The easy to hold handle stabilizes the hand to make even hurried eyeliner application a simple matter. It’s also a game changer, as it makes advanced, pro-art techniques accessible to everyone.
【A Helpful TIP】Glide the tip of the applicator across the top surface of your eyeliner. Unlike traditional creams, the unique formula is pressed to create a rich, but firm, balm-like texture that pairs perfectly with the wand. For best results, avoid dipping or digging into the formula with your wand. Instead, glide along a surface. At first use, you may find it helpful to glide the applicator a few times. After that, one or two swipes is all you need!