4pc Body Silicone Anti Cellulite Cup Set


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7pcs N$335
4pcs body N$175
4pcs face N$115

Colour Clear

Material: Silicone

Large Cup: (DxH) 70mm* 80m/2.75*3.15 inch

Medium Cup: (DxH) 55mm* 55m/2.16*2.16 inch

Small Cup: (DxH) 37mm* 80mm/1.45*3.15 inch

Smallest Cup : (DxH) 15mm* 50mm/0.59*1.97 inch

Massager Roller: (LxH)  9.8 mm*14mm/ 3.85*5.51inch

This silicone anti cellulite cup can promote your skin health, increase circulation, give your metabolism a kick-start, and remove toxins from deep tissues. It’s very perfect for your daily use.

How to Use
Step One: Apply massage oil or cream to the area for massaging.
Step Two: Move your cellulite cup over the area to be massaged like your legs, thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks, neck, face.
Step Three: Make Rotating Movements For At Least 3 Minutes.
Step Four: When using the massage roller, grab firmly the handle and push in a downward motion over the target area by putting gentle pressure. The time decides what you like.

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