Relative Insanity Game


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  • A hilarious game about crazy family members
  • Each round, one player reads a red ‘set-up’ card, then everyone else answers with their funniest punch line card
  • The reader picks the funniest card and gives them a point
  • Perfect for game nights with friends and family – a different hilarious game each time you play!
  • 4 to 12 players aged 14+


You might have heard about a little game called “Cards Against Humanity”. It’s an improv game where players use card prompts to come up with sketches of varying hilarity.

With each round judged by another player, rotating with each round. Cards Against Humanity is chaotic fun, but professional comedian Jeff Foxworthy has decided to put his own spin on the basic idea.

So here we have “Relative Insanity”. It’s a card-based game where Foxworthy’s comedic material is remixed and chopped up onto various cards. During the game players get a joke setup card. They then need to choose what they think is the funniest punchline card to complete the joke. Whichever joke gets the most laughs wins the round.

Just as with Cards Against Humanity, a game like this isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about hanging out with family and friends while having a massive laugh.

Now, while this game is dirt cheap, there are even cheaper ways of getting the same experience. Cards Against Humanity, for one, is available in a free version you can download from the internet.

However, if you love Jeff Foxworthy’s brand of humour, this take on the idea may very well be worth the few dollars they’re asking. Also, you might be a redneck.