Rainbow Ball Elimination Board Game


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Rainbow Ball Magic Chess Set: This rainbowgame eliminates balls of the same color by moving a row of coloredballs. Think quickly, how to get more ballsRecommended number: suitable for 2-4people to play games. Players can customize the rules of the game orfollow the rules in the instructions. How to get more balls? Or how toget a higher scorePuzzle Rainbow Board Game: This board gamecan cultivate children’s logical thinking ability, improve their feeland imagination, and enhance color recognition and classificationFamily activities: very suitable forparent-child games. Parents can accompany their children to playtogether and witness their growth in the process of playing gamesAvoid swallowing rainbow beads: use children under adult supervisionMaterial: ABS plasticRecommended age: children over 3 years oldInstructions1. The beads can only move vertically orhorizontally to promote the growth of the beads. Look for the same coloras the adjacent beads. For example, the obstacles or borders in frontof the beads should stop immediately.2. Move to find the beads of the samecolor and you can give it to yourself. Take out 2 beads to get 5 points,3 beads to get 10 points, 4 beads to get 15 points, and so on. Afterremoving the beads, you can remove them. Score more than win.TipThis box contains the rules of the game for your reference. You can also customize the rules to unlock other gameplay.

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