Professional Nail Art Working Mat


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Material: silicone
Size: app 40x30x0.1cm.
Color: translucent.
Weight: app 130g
Good for: home, office, nail shop, beauty shop.
Package Include: 1PC Nail Mat
Easy to carry, free to fold, crease will not be expanded.
Washable, easy to clean
Nail art prints
Translucent silicone qualities, suitable for all kinds of use A floral pattern
How to use:
Nail coloring printing special silicone pad, make nail color printing more
1 Remove the pad, a selected shape, good brush of light oil – bottoming
2 pattern printed onto the nail varnish has dried at – pick
3 printed pattern to fill your own favorite color – coloring
4 will do the decoration whole peeled off, affixed to a piece on – Modified
5 works complete, cleaning tools, until the next use
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