Pet Self Cleaning Slicker Brush


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Dog Cleaning Care Brush Removable Floating Hair Brushes Pet Automatic Hair Removal Comb for Big Cats Dogs

Product name: Self-cleaning needle comb
Large size: 185 * 126 * 72mm
Brush size: 126 * 72mm
Suitable for medium and large dogs

Small size: 180 * 108.5 * 66mm
Brush size: 108 * 66mm
Suitable for small and medium sized dogs. Adult Cats

Material: ABS / TPR / Stainless Steel Needle

Model: Sticky Bead
Model: Conventional

Weight: Large 144g Small 134g


newly designed dog and cat hair brush with soft balls on each bristle, for gently removing all loose hair quickly and easily. Brush your pet with this dog hair brush, your pet’s fur loss will reduce almost 90%, which can reduce loose hair flying around in your house
This self cleaning slicker brush has a button, when you push it forward, the bristles pop out; when you finished brushing, you push the button back and the bristles will pull back inside of the dog grooming brush, leaving all the pet hair laying on the top. Simply run your fingers over it and through out the hairs. Very easy to clean, you don’t need to waste time pulling hair off of the dog slicker brush any more
This self cleaning slicker brush is 135° slightly angled with rounded pins to prevent scratches to the skin. Smooth stainless-steel pins can penetrate deep into the undercoat, efficiently remove up to 95% dead fur, loosen the knots, let your pet’s coat soft and shiny.
This self cleaning slicker brush work efficiently for removing mats, tangles, loose hair and dander. Repeated massage of the skin with bristles can promote the blood circulation of pets, strengthen immunity to skin disease. Grooming your fur baby occasionally to reduce the amount of shedding and keep your room clean.
This self cleaning pet brush is highly recommended by pet owners, vets, and professional pet groomers for this pet grooming brush can keep your pet healthy by massaging your pet and effectively avoid fleas and parasites by removing loose hair, knots, thus preventing skin disease. This pet hair brush is perfect for both your long haired or short haired pets and cats/dogs with thin or thick coats