Multi-Function Juicer

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Ergonomic crank, double screw is completely squeezed to produce more juice, ABS material has no chemical reaction, retaining the original flavor of fruit
You can juice vegetables and wheat grass, fruits, watermelons, oranges, pears, vegetables, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, grapefruit and making ice cream
The whole machine adopts food grade high hardness without ABS material, durable, with silicone suction cup on the bottom, fixed machine
Using the chewing enzyme cold pressing process, spiral extrusion, and avoiding the bitter taste of bad fruit seeds during the juice extraction process
Let the teeth around you or the elderly who have poor digestion ability, children, hospitalized patients liquid juice quickly replenish the nutrients needed
According to market needs and research, the pursuit of healthy juicers, we have improved the practicality, chewing live enzyme cold pressing process to let the fruit retain the original taste, physical spiral extrusion without roaring noise, after cleaning with water can be used

There is a suction cup at the bottom of the Grinder, therefore, never damage the surface of your table