Mini Electric Massage Gun


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Pain and cramps due to muncle contusions,
>Helps the flow of edema in the swollen area
>Rolaxed thickened connective tissue and fascia
>Reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles
> increase joint mobility
>Eliminate muscle fatigue


1. Power on/ off button
2 Power level indicator LED (blue)
3. Frequency level indicator LED (bue)
4. Removable and replaceable vibration head Whan removtng
the vibration head. just pull it out with force
5. DC charging po
6. AC wallcharge
7. USB with data cable


1. Please charge for 2 hours before first use

2. When charging. connect the DC end of the USB data cable to the

charging port of the battery and then insert the cable on the AC side

Into the socket

3. The light on the battery fiashes regularly and shows the battery

power, indicating that the battery s charging

4. When the battery is connected the light on the device flashes and

the battery power is displayed, indicating that the battery is charging

5. When all lights stop flashing and light up, it means that the battery

is fully charged. The battery can be charged at any time and at any level

6. According to the speed and pressure in use, the average operation

time of the equipment is two hours

7. Do not use the machine when charging.