Menstrual Pain Relief Heating Belt


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Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.
Switching position, three-speed constant temperature 45-65 degrees, freely adjustable .
10 seconds of rapid heating, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.
USB charging,it can be connected to power, computer and charging treasure.

Product Include:

1*Warm&massager Belt
1*USB Cable

Prohibited people:

Patients with severe heart disease are prohibited from using moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases.
It is forbidden to use for patients with skin sensation disorders or skin abnormalities.
It is forbidden to use it for patients who suffer from gout or have not fully recovered from gout during the onset of the disease.
Patients with cervical cancer are prohibited from using it.
Pregnant women are prohibited from using


It is recommended not to use it at a high temperature of more than 8 minutes, and each extension of use time should not exceed 30 minutes.
The recommendation for sensitive skin is to use it through clothing.

3-speed intelligent temperature control

One stop solution be family guardian
Waist warmer, belly warm, lasting comfort

Multi-frequency vibration massage

One stop solution be family guardian
Three-speed vibration adjustment to warm the deep abdomen

Sleep comfortably at night

One stop solution be family guardian
Fast heating, direct to the lower abdomen to take away the cold

Rechargeable waist hot compress massage

Hot compress/vibration massage/multi-position adjustment

Deer velvet lining

Softly fits the waist, enhances the massage effect

Relieve various menstrual troubles

Use it for half an hour every day to easily pass the menstrual period

Operation instructions

Q1:How to heat, can you set time?
A: Long press the “O” button to turn on, if you need to heat or vibrate, short press the corresponding function button, the default timing is 30 minutes, and it will automatically stop working after 30 minutes

Q2:How to adjust to vibrate mode?
A: Short press the “O” key to select three vibration modes, and the “1, 2, 3” indicators light up accordingly

Q3:How to adjust the temperature?
A: Short press the “i” button to select three heating modes, and the “1, 2, 3” indicator lights will light up accordingly. (1 for low temperature, 2 for medium temperature, 3 for high temperature)
Note: It is recommended to select gears 1 and 2 for use in summer; 2 and 3 for use in winter

Q4:How to adjust the temperature?
A: Press and hold the “O” button for about 2 seconds, the host will enter the shutdown state