42pcs Mix Kitchen Container Storage Organizer Set + Accessories


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42 boxes + Stickers + measure spoon + pen
Stackable Food Storage Containers – Includes 36 BPA-free kitchen storage containers for superior kitchen organization and storage. These food containers will add to the decor of your pantry while the lids are interchangeable, allowing you flexibility.
Prolonged Freshness – These clear four-sided dry food storage containers have 4 sided locking lids that keep things airtight and leak proof. Perfect for storing flour, sugar, snacks, chips, coffee, cereal, pasta, nuts, and much more.
Space Saving Design – Highly stackable and can fit into your refrigerator and cupboard. These plastic containers with lids for storage will revolutionize your cabinets, cupboards, refrigerators, and kitchen counters.
The Perfect Home Organization Gift – These durable plastic containers are user-friendly, possess easy-to clean surfaces, and are easy to carry. They are easy to clean and relabel.
Package Contents:
42 * crisper (0.14l x 6+0.52l x 6+0.8l x 6+1.4l x 6+2.0l x 6+2.8l x 6)
5 * stickers measuring pen