LANBENA Ceramide Ampoule Firming & Hydrating

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LANBENA Ceramide Ampoule Serum:

Individually packaged design: with freshly sealed active formula of highly concentration, each contains ceramide of high concentration. As a lipid present in the corneum, ceramide repairs the skin, smooths fine lines, and makes your skin firm while increasing the cuticle thickness of epidermis, improving the water-holding capacity of the skin, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin elasticity, and preventing skin aging.


Instructions:Clean your face first, apply the product around your face or neck, and massage for full absorption. Use it continuously for 7 days to achieve intensive repair purpose.

1. Tap the top of the ampule to concentrate the essence in the bottom half of the bottle.

2. Gently open the top of the ampule

3. Flick the bottom of the ampule to pour out the remaining essence

4. Apply it around the face and neck and massage until absorbed.