Keepsake Wooden Baby Tooth Box Milk


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This baby’s tooth storage box will become precious family memory of the past. A large DIY area will enable each tooth storage box to bring a unique growth record for your baby. We believe that this tooth storage box will bring more warmth and happiness to your family PRODUCT INFORMATION: 1. Type: Tooth storage box 2. Material: Wood 3. Condition: 100% brand new and high quality 4. Size: 21cm*19cm*3cm 5. Weight: 0.34kg 6.Color: as shown 7.Feature: It is made of safe and non-toxic materials.

Each baby tooth corresponds to a small house.

Use high-quality beech wood, strong, moisture-proof and no odor. The surface of the product is smooth and polished without burrs

From the eruption of deciduous teeth to the loss of the baby teeth, the whole process is recorded to help mothers grasp the growth dynamics of their children’s teeth

Very cute little house for baby teeth with colorful expressions with cute hats

Put the baby’s first strand of hair, umbilical cord and blessings into the bottle, and treasure every important moment of the baby

A little cotton on the bottom of the tooth house to fix the tooth. Then use clean tweezers to put the baby tooth into the baby tooth house

Put the sticker on the deciduous tooth house and record the moment when the deciduous tooth falls

Safe and odor-free silicone plugs to better preserve deciduous teeth