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Each baby will go home with; 1 nappy, 1 dummy, 1 blanket and 1 outfit!

What is a Reborn Baby doll?
A reborn baby is a doll made from vinyl that is purchased as a “doll kit” and then transformed by numerous time consuming steps of adding several layers of paint, baking in the oven, hand rooting the hair and painting of other features to resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. The baby doll is also weighted with glass beads to give it even more realism.

All my reborn babies are painted with genesis heat set paints, baked in an oven, have hand rooted hair and eyelashes with quality mohair and are weighted with tiny glass beads in the head and limbs and with Polly-pellets in the cloth body and filled with stuffing.  A magnet is glued inside the head and onto a dummy so baby looks like he/she is really sucking on a dummy. The baby is then dressed like a real newborn baby with a newborn nappy, vest, outfit and wrapped in a blanket, ready to go to her/ his new home.

Reborn baby dolls are so lifelike, they look and feel like a real newborn baby. These newborn baby dolls are very unique and realistic, some people like to refer to them as fake babies.

Whenever we take out our life-like baby doll we have crowds of people around us amazed at just how real these baby dolls look. They don’t only look real, they look and feel real, when holding the fake baby it’s head is heavy and weighted which gives baby it’s realism.

Care Instructions for Reborn Babies
If cared for properly, reborn babies will bring many years of joy to you. Most importantly a good rule of thumb for handling baby is that you should not handle him/her in any way you would not handle a real newborn baby. Small children should not be permitted to play with reborn babies.

Reborn babies should be kept away from extreme heat and cold. Heat is more dangerous for him/her because the vinyl becomes very soft and pliable when heated and can become warped or even melt. Reborn babies should never be left in a hot car or displayed near any type of heat source. You may use a damp cloth to dust baby off should you ever need to.

Baby’s hair is hand rooted mohair. It has been glued on the inside of his head to prevent it from coming out. It is perfectly safe to brush his/her hair, however excessive brushing can lead to the hair coming out over time. It is best to use a soft infant brush. Mohair is the closest there is to the silky soft feel of newborn hair, and so it is almost always used on reborn babies to create a realistic feel. However, mohair does have the tendency to bunch and mat sometimes, so extreme care should be taken when brushing out the tangles.  However, just like human hair, mohair can tear if too much force is applied. I recommend using a leave-in conditioner spray, such as Johnson’s No-More Tangles, to help you gently brush out any tangles. His/her hair can be carefully washed. Baby shampoo and conditioner are just fine as well. Never immerse reborn babies into water; this could ruin his/her body. Instead, hold the head beneath a sink tap for washing, supporting the head just as you would a real baby’s head. Be careful to not get water below the eyebrows on the face. If you have open-eyed reborn babies, the water could damage the eyelashes. Water could also seep into the nose (and ruin the backing) if his/her nose has been opened. When you are done washing, gently pat the hair with a towel and allow it to air dry.

Baby should be kept from excessive moisture, which can cause damage to his/her cloth body. Extreme pressure on the seams of his/her body can cause tearing. Reborn babies wears real infant baby clothing.

Baby’s head can gently be turned from side to side, but again, it should not be forced. And when reborn babies are held the head must be supported as you would a real newborn baby.

The eyelashes, lips and nails are sealed in place for protection, but they should not be handled, the lashes can be pulled off and the nails can be chipped with force. Should his eyelashes ever come loose, they can be gently reapplied with a toothpick and clear glue, this only applies to open eyed reborn babies.

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