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One mature Spekboom can process 4 to 9XG of carbon dioxide per year, making it 100 times more effective than one pine tree in comparison.

One hectare of mature Spekboom is 10 times more effective in processing carbon dioxide, compared to one hectare of the Amazon forest.

Facts & Benefits of the Spekboom
• An average household’s carbon footprint is plus-minus 12 tons per year.
• The Spekboom’s capacity to offset harmful carbon emissions is compared to that of a moist, sub-tropical rain forest.
• Each hectare of Spekboom could capture 4, 2 tons of carbon yearly.
• Scientists discovered already in the 1960’s that Spekboom works differently to other plants.
• Research has shown that Spekboom is one of the most successful carbon off-setters in the world.
• Spekboom can take 100 times more carbon out of the atmosphere than a pine tree of around the same age.
• The ’wonder plant’ Spekboom stimulates milk production in animals.
• Spekboom is the staple diet of herbivores like the Kudu and other wild animals.

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