Full Body Bathtub Cushion


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full body bathtu cushion is removable, wit exquisite zipper, very user-friendly design can be used alone or assembled together. Can be used as a pillow or back cushion. Very convenient
EXCELLENSOFTNESS AN COMFORTExtremelSoft and HigElasticitCa supports head, neck, back, and lower back for complete relaxation. The difference between our bathroom pillows and thMarket is the iSkin friendly and healthy thMaterial iMadeoSkin-friendlSwimwear. The comfort of the ThSofExperience and the higElasticity of polydragon particles makes it easy to take a bath without weighing you down
ANTI-SLIP AND QUICK DRYING: The tub pillow has a buckle but can keep the tub in place without slipping. ThMesSurface iMade oSandwicMesh fabric with gooAIR permeability and iEASY t is clean, dry, effectively preventing the special odor that can cause
EASY T-CLEANING & DURABLE: The bathtu Cushio is machine washable for convenient cleaning After washing, simply hang to dry. It is a convenient foStorage, does not require uSpace, and is durable. A must have bathroom accessories
PERFECT GIFT: The bathtub pillow fits perfectly on your head, neck and back, allowing you to relax and relieve your body from tiredness and pain.