Frontless Strapless Bra


If you encounter these problems: Won't install? Can not adjust to the right size? broken? Did not receive the package?

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Use note:

1: In order to avoid damage during transportation, the position of the golden screw is at the front. When you receive the goods, turn the golden screws down first.
2: When the black clip is adjusted to a suitable chest position, turn the golden screw to fix the black clip. Don't just rotate the black clip, it may damage the golden screw.
3: When installing the sponge, first set the sponge opening to the vertical black clip, refer to the video description.
4: When wearing, wear one side first, fix the one side with one hand, and then wear the other side. Refer to the video model wearing demonstration.
5: Use the strap and adjust the tightness to a suitable position. The bracket can be fixed and ensure that the bracket does not protrude.

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