1pc Mini Fidget Tube


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1pc*Decompression Toy or 5pcs*Decompression Toy or 8pcs*Decompression Toy (Choose according to your needs.)

Highlight description:
1.Fun and Practical: This is a fun and practical sensory toy that can be put on, stretched and connected, making these pop-up tubes the first choice in games.
2.Elastic Toys: These elastic toys are suitable for all tight little fingers and are also fun toys for children with special needs.
3.Special Needs: Toys with special needs (such as sensory tubes) can provide tactile stimulation, fine motor skills and auditory feedback.
4.Perfect Collection: The perfect collection of autistic toys. These sensory toys can also be used as inspiring and inspiring physical therapy toys.
5.Great gift for kids: If you are looking for a gift idea, these pop tubes could be your best choice. A perfect gift not just for kids with developmental delays or with special needs but also for teachers as these toys can be used for classroom activities.

Detailed description:
Material: Plastic
Color: random
Shrink length: about 23cm/9.06inch
Unfold length: about 70cm/27.56inch
Caliber: about 2.4cm/0.94inch
Outer diameter: about 2.9cm/1.14inch
Single gram weight: about 25g
Applicable to age: children (3-6 years old), middle-aged (36-60 years old), youth (15-35 years old), teenagers (7-14 years old)