Fidget Pad


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New Improved Fidget Pad Block with 13 Functions. The most ergonomic, easy-to-use and addictive toys on the market today. Irritable retro is small and light, easy to store in your pocket and can be enjoyed everywhere.
— With 13 kinds of irritability functions, retro troubles can provide endless troubles;
— Designed to relieve stress and improve attention, it is very suitable for people with ADHD, autism or anxiety;
— It is ideal for almost everyone, students, office workers, artists, time killers, classic game lovers and daily troubles.
Material: Silicone, ABS
Style: Classic gamepad
Applicable Age: Children/Adults
Suitable For: Over 3 Years Old
Optional Color: White and red, white and green, white and black, grey and black, black and red, black and green, black, grey and red
Size: 71 * 73 * 25 mm