Eyebrow Peel Off Tint


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Rapidly dry,Excellent persistence,

Good extension, Perfect coverage,

Long lasting, Creamy gel texture,

Natural result

Have four features including rapidly dry, excellent persistence, good extension and perfect coverage,

Draw natural and 3D eyebrow shape, especially suitable for tattooing, embroidered or damaged eyebrow and fixing makeup.


Take a small amount of the product with brush; well distribute on the back of hand; then draw along to the natural eyebrow to create stereoscopic eyebrow shape.

Volume: 6g

Quality:Natural Mineral, Organic Ingredients, Alcohol-free, No sensitive, Safe-tested

Suitable: All Skin Types


Classic red wine tearing eyebrow gel dyeing eyebrow cream waterproof anti-staining lasting makeup

Package Included:

1* dyeing eyebrow cream