EMS foot Massager Shaped Mat Pad


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1.Adopt EMS(Electronic Muscle Stimulatior) technology and low frequency impulse current therapy to stimulate your muscle motion and promote the blood circulation of massaging parts, helping burn your calories with improved physical appearance and effectively relieve from pressure, tiredness and fatigue with extreme relaxing enjoyment.

2.Built-in 6 adjustable massage modes and 9 adjustable intensity levels for free switch, easy to switch by pressing the buttons according to your desired comfort or preferred effect.

3.Auto power off function, it will automatically shut off after continuous working for 15 minutes, smart and energy saving for hassle free massaging experience.

4.Portable and foldable design, can be put in your bag or backpack, space saving with carrying breeze, suitable for home, office and even travel use.

5.Ideal gift for your family and friends to show your love and care for their health, it can solve wide range of daily health discomfort


How to use:

*When it presses the “+” power on and rising intensity button and the lamp comes to dawn little by little.

*When it presses the “_” power off and down intensity button and the lamp comes to dark little by little .

*”+”Button for both power on and rising intensity, “_”power off and down intenstiy intensity divides with 9 classes

Button for mode choice: choice by 6 mode

Choice by 6 modes.

*Choice 6 modes with simple operation

*It will get off power automatically after 12 minutes from stop, when you forget power off .

*Stimulation intensity is dicided into 9 levels (intensity1-9)

Suggest one time per day.

Automatic turn off about 15 Seconds later if DO NOT attach to your feet.