Electric Heating Tailor Fabric Heat Cutter Scissors

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Name: Electrothermal scissors
Material: high carbon steel
Long: 223mm
Cutter head length: 100mm
Weight: 360g
Applicable to: electronic plastic industry, clothing industry, bag industry and handbag industry.
Used for trimming plastic mouth, cloth edge, cutting belt, trimming. Convenience and lightness.
The temperature can be adjusted freely, the temperature of the blade hight 185 degrees.
Use of electrothermal shear
1, This product can not be in wet environment, please wipe the working surface before and after use, it does not allow water droplets.
2, connect the power supply, open the power knob, and then use it after 5-10 minutes preheating, the rotary knob can adjust the temperature of the product.
3, Electric shears in working condition, there should be someone care. Do not touch the surface of the electric scissors to prevent burns.
4. After the work is finished, the power supply is cut off.