Electric Anti Snoring Aid

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[Healthy Life]: Would you like to never snoring and provide your partner with an overnight quiet sleep relief? Improve your relationship through quiet sleep? Improve night breathing? Our upgraded anti-snoring device nasal dilator is the perfect anti-snoring device.
[Soft silicone] Our nose nasal plug is made of audible silicone material that can be bent and bent to provide proper comfort and fit; it will not turn yellow after long-term use, anti-aging, soft and comfortable hand Does not deform.
[Breathing unobstructed]: Double vortex fan design makes the breathing unobstructed and sleep more comfortable. Helps correct your bad breathing habits and eliminate snoring. Small in size and light in weight, it does not put extra pressure on the nose and is easy to carry.
[Easy to use]: Just insert the nostril plug into your nostril and you can fall asleep quietly. The nasal dilator is easy to use. Not only does it prevent beating, it also helps eliminate dry mouth at night. You will say goodbye to embarrassing daytime sleepiness, mental alertness or other undesirable phenomena, and bring you a new happy life.
[Bye Bye]: This is a new and upgraded breathable anti-snoring device. If your partner has been complaining about snoring and wants a more comfortable snoring solution, maybe you can try to understand us beautifully Nostril plug technology and quality materials.
Packing list:
1Pcs * electric snoring device
1Pcs * USB cable
1Pcs * Chinese and English manual