Eelhoe Rice Shampoo Hair Soap


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  • 【EELHOE 2Pcs Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner Bar】Rice water is known for its soft and rich ingredients that promote hair growth. We have tried to bring these qualities of rice into a shampoo bar. Designed for dry and damaged hair, this shampoo bar gently cleanses hair and provides clean, healthy, beautiful hair!
  • 【Natural Ingredients】Our shampoo bar is made with fermented rice water extract and natural oils. The blend of rice water and rich oils such as argan oil, olive oil and rice bran provide your hair with amino acids, proteins and vitamins to promote natural hair growth.
  • 【Promotes Scalp Health】Rice Water Shampoo Soap deeply nourishes hair and scalp, repairs damaged hair and controls oil. Anti-dandruff and improve itchy scalp. Our gentle formula makes it mild and safe for all hair and skin types
  • 【Nourishing and Moisturising】 Rice Extract Shampoo Bar supports healthy hair and scalp development, balances scalp oil and nourishes hair roots, long-term use of this shampoo bar will result in thicker, darker and smoother hair
  • 【Easy to Use】Wet your hair. Rub some of the rice extract hair soap bubbles, apply the bubbles directly to wet hair and massage gently into the scalp for 2-3 minutes. Wash off the foam with warm water