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Living in a profit driven society who wouldn’t want to join the ranks of the social elite and become the next millionaire. Not that a million dollars is a huge sum of money anymore, but it’s still more than I will ever own, I imagine Cover Your Assets wouldn’t be that much fun if you already had or have a real million dollars.

Objective: Your objective in this game are simple, obtain assets then stack them on top of each other to protect your previous possessions until the deck of cards runs out. It will take luck, bluffing and some clever timing to successfully Cover Your Ass.

Once the deck has ran out you will continue playing until everyone’s hands are empty. Then record your totals and play again until someone reaches 1 000 000 dollars.

Each card is scored individually therefore a pair of Jewels is
worth $30 000 and if you stole this with another Jewels asset
the set would be worth $45 000

Gameplay: Playing is simple you are about to learn how to play by only a couple pictures and sentences.

On your turn you must:

Play a pair from your hand using a pair of assets.

After playing your first pair of assets you place them on top of
each other in a perpendicular orientation
(longways, sideways, longways, sideways)
Play a pair from your hand using a wild card.
Play a pair using the top card of the discard pile and an asset from your hand.
Play a pair using the top card of the discard pile and a wild card from your hand.

The Wild Cards can be used with any asset including themselves

Steal a set of Assets from another player by playing the asset matching the intended target’s top set of Assets.

Steal a set of Assets from another player by playing a wild card and taking the top set of Assets.

Discard 1 card.

Additional Rules:

At the end of your turn you always draw back up to 4 cards.

You cannot steal someone’s first set of assets.

The Bank Accounts would not be allowed to be stolen as they are
at the bottom of a player’s asset stack.

You cannot add cards to assets that are already played in front of you.

You cannot play more than 2 of an asset in front of you.

My Thoughts:

Cover Your Assets is a great game, actually its one of the few I have been able to win lately so my review may be a tad biased. Over the last few weeks time has been an issue..again so I have been having trouble squeezing in as much gaming time as I would like. Quick playing games and more importantly quick setup games like Cover Your Assets make it easy to still get a gaming session in. Although it might look like Rummy or other standard playing card games, stealing cards (Assets) is a huge twist and is mechanically perfected.

Wild Card Gold can be used to steal any player’s top asset

This is one of those games that is great for getting new people into gaming, relaxing from a hard day, playing on a train or outside. There are so many options because age, background, interested don’t really matter, anyone can learn and will enjoy Cover Your Assets. Having an objective that people can sort of relate to in real life (trying to become a millionaire / have the most money) helps as does the low price point and excellent card quality.

Who Will Enjoy Cover Your Assets?

Family Gamers: As I said above, you can literally play Cover Your Assets with anyone regardless of age or background. The theme might not be the most family friendly, steal from your neighbours and hoard your property until its worth 1 million dollars. But then again you aren’t blasting each other with lazers or crossbows and since most people today think money is the most important thing anyways…It would also be worth noting here that Cover Your Assets has won a few awards, people agreeing with me that this is a fantastic game for your families, the Canadian Toy Testing Council gave it a best pick award, Major Fun gave it the Major Fun Family award and it won the Creative Child award all in 2012.

Casual Gamers: Between games, waiting for friends to show up, introducing friends to board games, waiting for food to show up, waiting for beer to show up, warming your brain up, having drinks, relaxing outside, these are all occasions where you might play Cover Your Assets. With a setup time of 2 minutes to shuffle and deal cards, a teaching time of 2-4 minutes, a cleanup time of 10 seconds and a play time of 15-30 minutes, the neutral theme, plays best with 4-6, just by reading the features you can tell this game is versatile. Casual Gamers this is one you don’t want to miss.