Collapsible Kids Bath Tub with Heater


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Size:  81cm * 56.5cm * 20cm

Made of Pp and Tpr Materials, High Temperature Resistant, Soft and Flexible, Not Afraid of Damage. Babies Can Use It with Confidence.
the Bathtub is Designed to Be Folded in Two Steps, 17.7 cm after Being Folded, Which is Easy to Store and Does Not Take up Space.
the Water Plug is Intelligently Sensitive to Temperature and Can Automatically Change Color with the Water Temperature. When It is Lower Than 37℃, It Will Display: Red. above 37℃, Display: White.
the Bottom of the Bathtub is Easy to Drain Without Tipping. Remove the Water Plug, the Drainage is Not Blocked.
the Bucket Feet Are Designed with Tpe Anti-Slip Foot Pads, the Body of the Bucket is Stable and Does Not Shake, the Bottom of the Bucket is Raised and Suspended, Anti-Skid is Stable and the Anti-Skid Temperature is More Durable, Giving Babies a Safe Bathing Environment.