CkeyiN Guasha Warm Facial Massager

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1. This facial massager uses high-frequency vibration and 45°C heating, improvement of eye bag, anti-Aging & fatigue, reduce lines & wrinkles, comfortable massage, reduce puffiness & dark circles, spread face moisturizer.
2. 3 modes to provide different massage experiences. Can be selected according to your needs, choose different blue light and red light.
3. 45°C Warm physical therapy massage can effectively relieve the shoulder and arm muscle stiffness and pain.
4. It can lighten the fine lines of the eyes, tighten the eyes, and use eye cream to get a better effect.
5. 3 modes can be adjusted:
Morning shaping mode (long vibration, blue light on).
Moisturizing and tightening mode (warm + 1-second intermittent vibration, red light on).
Small V face mode (warm + 2 seconds intermittent vibration, red and blue lights flashing alternately)
6. Different shape radian for different parts:
Small radian: Apply to chin, leg and other parts, can massage, tighten line; make chin line more beautiful
large radian: Apply to the face, neck and limbs, help to reduce the wrinkles.
Small sharp corner: It is suitable for periocular, temple and other parts.

Please note:
The Guasha massager will shut down automatically after 5 minutes !!!
The fuselage is not waterproof and cannot be used when bathing

Material: ABS
Voltage : 5V/1A
Power supply: USB charging
Battery capacity : 300 mAh
Charging time : 1.5 hours
Using time: Approx. 80 minutes
Cable length:50cm±2cm
Low power reminder: red light flashes 5 times
Smart Timing : automatic shutdown after 5 minutes
Charging display: The red light flashes when charging, and stops flashing when fully charged
Mode : 3 modes (Morning shaping mode, Moisturizing and tightening mode, Small V face mode)

Package include:
1 x Guasha massger
1 x USB cable