Children’s lunch Box With Bib


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The ultimate silicone baby bib is presented by happy and healthy parents!

Now, you can save time, energy, and most importantly, you can earn your hard-earned money with the most convenient and practical baby feeding bib set!

Raising a child without all cleaning and washing is challenging, we know it! That’s why our amazing silicone bibs make your life easier, and your kids’ clothes are not stained!

Our cute silicone bib has a spacious open front pocket that makes it easy to protect your child’s clothing from stains, dripping, and mess! The best part?

The silicone we use is 100% waterproof, food-grade and antifouling, so you can rest assured that your cute bib won’t absorb any water or food! For young babies,

place the bib on the child’s skin because the texture of the silicone will cause slight irritation. Why choose a traditional low-quality bib when there are safe, barrier-free alternatives?

The fun design and ultra-fashion colors of our premium silicone baby bibs will excite you and your kids!

The design of the toddler’s bib is attention to detail, soft, flexible, and very practical! In addition, we know that your time is precious,

so our elite baby bibs can be cleaned with simple soapy water for maximum convenience! This way you don’t have to wash and dry your baby’s bib. They are always available!

Mealtime will be your child’s favorite time of the day!

Material: Silicone
Practical age: six months – six years old
Size: 210mm × 80mm × 110mm
Includes: 1 PC lunch box