1pc Cheese Lip Balm – number 04


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100% brand new and high quality products.
The product uses a double-layer paste design, and a can of lipstick with two odors.
The texture is fine and smooth, and the smell is fresh.
It can effectively and deeply moisturize and nourish the lip skin.
Can effectively improve the problem of dry, peeling and chapped lips.
Plants nourish, gently nourish, repair and nourish the lip skin.
Can effectively brighten lip color and improve lip elasticity.
Can effectively reduce lip wrinkles.
Can be used for lip primer or to improve lip muscle.
It can be used as a lip care alone or as a lipstick primer.
Small and light, easy to carry.
Suitable for all skin types.

Product Name: Sweet cheese colorat ton Lip Balm

Net content: 8g

Shelf life: 3 years

Product features: cream texture, delicate and smooth, apply to lips to replenish moisture, lock in moisture, repair lip skin, and moisturize lip fine lines.

Package Included: 1*10g lip scrub & 10g mask with lip stick