Body Massager Electric Scraping Cupping Suction System

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1.Different sizes can meet the needs of different part of body, for back, shoulders, waist and etc.
2.PC material, light and durable: the cupping cup is made of PC material, which is resistant to falling and breaking, durable during the use, enable to squeeze and collision
3.Easy to use and hold: split and charging design to meet the long-term use, easy to carry, fits the curve of human hand to make sure comfortable hand feeling while using
4.The edge of the outside cupping cup is perfectly fits and maximizethe skin contact surface. At the same time, the premium material avoid skin damage, ensure sufficient adsorption of the product in use, and against air leakage
5. 88mm extension tube humanized design: no need to bother others, you can complete it by yourself in anytime and anywhere
6.Transparent tank, which is convenient for users to observe skin changes during use, and master the cupping time
7.Multi-function: It can be used for cupping, sliding tank, scrapping therapy. The electric cupping device can make the skin reach the vacuum state of negative pressure by drawing out the air, and the combination with the essential oil can dredge the back channels and collaterals
8.Compared with those traditional ignition and suction gun type cupping, this type has a large and lasting negative pressure, which is more safety and time-saving

Material: ABS
Voltage: DC5V
Power: 0.6W
Battery: 3.7V
Battery capacity:350mA
Charging time: 2 hours
Use time: about 2-3 hours
Charging display: red light flashes when charging, green light when full
Cable length: 48cm±2cm
Pakage Size:22*14*8.5cm
Weight: 550g

Package Content:
1 x Electric scrapping device
1 x Cupping cup catheter
12 x Cupping cup (outside diameter: 7cm*2, 6cm*2, 5.1cm*2, 4.3cm*2, 3.3cm*2, 3cm*2)