Type: RGB LED Music Bulb

Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz

Power: 12W

LED Power: 7W

RGB Power: 7W

The speaker power: 3W

Radio range: 10m (33ft)

Frequency response: 135Hz to 15Khz

Wireless version: 4.0

Support configuration: A2DP

Light color: RGB + Warm white/ Cool White

Application:bedrooms, wardrobes, cabinets, hallways, workshops, basements, garages, stairwells, oil depots, roofs, doors, etc.


Steps to use the bulb:

1. Connect this bulb to the E27 base and power the bulb.

2. The lamp light up and you can use the remote control to adjust the color of the light.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth device (mobile phone, etc.), search for and connect to the light bulb.

4. The connection is successful, now you can use the light bulb to play the music you like.