Baby Shower Cap


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  • Safe Material: The toddle visor is made of lightweight EVA foam, durable, suitable for girls, boys, babies, toddlers.
  • 3 PCS Baby Shower Cap: Cute bright color shampoo shower cap hat is safe, thickened, light, elastic and tough enough. Your baby will love the baby bath cap.
  • Easy to Clean: Just wash the baby bath visor with soapy water, the toddler shampoo visor does not absorb water.
  • Adjustable Size: 4 adjustable fasteners on the bath baby hat, suitable for 45-55cm head circumference for ages: 0-6 years old.
  • Wide Application: The baby shower cap visor prevents shampoo and water from entering his ears, eyes or mouth. helps eliminate your child’s risk of water phobias, ear infections and dryness, making it easier for your child to bathe! And suitable for hair trimming, cutting and styling as well..


Stereo hat, sump design effective and rapid separation of water, so that drainage faster, mothers more at ease.
Convenient design: 4 button design, easy to wear, the mother can be based on the baby head of the different and better wear.
Ear protection design: Newest design, added ear protection function, the kids shower cap can protect the kid’s eyes and ears from water during bath or haircut, make a funny experience for the kids.

Gently put the inside of the shower cap fit the baby forehead
Adjust the back of the shampoo bath cap to match the baby’s head
Slightly adjust the bath cap to the baby comfortable state (back as far as possible to wear a low point to the neck, so before the high and low, will not fall and leak).

Perfect for Everyday Life
When baby needs to feed, wrap our baby bath hat around the baby’s neck to prevent food from staining the baby’s clothes and the baby bath visor are easy to clean.

Perfect for Haircut
When trimming your baby’s hair, the baby shower cap prevents the hair from irritating the baby’s eyes and face.

Perfect for Outdoor
When the baby play in outdoor, the shampoo cap can not only block the sweat from by the hair, but also prevent the baby from sunburn.