Alluminium Wallet


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This stylish wallet is ultra-slim with aluminum casing, has smooth finish on both sides. Inside have 6 pockets to store all your credit cards, ID cards, club cards, cash, photos and more. It is waterproof, stain & impact-resistant as it has resin shell inside. Also it has safety lock to protect your valuable from thieves. Compact, strong and light that fits perfectly inside the pocket and virtually indestructible.

Aluminum metal prevents hacking or accidental reading of your contact-less payment cards and protects cards from demagnetization damages.

Designed for money, business card, credit card, ID card, and any other cards.

It protects your cards clean and undamaged, elegant design and makes your business life convenient and effective!

Six expandable pockets; aluminum outer shell; ABS plastic interior; PVC plastic divider.

Click button for easy opening and closing.

It also helps to block RFID scanning of your credit cards by thieves.

Nearly indestructible

Click button for easy opening and closing

RFID data secure guard against Card data theft

Made of die-cast aluminum alloy

Water resistant. Keeps valuables dry