Adjustable SLR DSLR Camera Waist Strap


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  • 8 loops for accessories ( two 3.5″ loops opposite each other and six 2.36″ loops around the back ), hang pouches and clips from the same section.Well balanced the weight.
  • 3 “D” rings, made of very sturdy durable plustic, wear the belt with the rings up to attach a shoulder strap. Wear it with the rings down to have a place to clip a water bottle, flashlight, little cam
  • Double safety buckle design, the lock won’t slip off when you press the button coincidently. Two removable clips at the closing points allows the length adjustable ( from 80-130cm ), fit for belly siz
  • 3D mesh materials and high density nylon fabric webbing strap provide lightweight durability and breathability. The net weight of the belt strap is 7 onces, 2.6? strap width and 0.6? thickness vented
  • The vented padding is firmly attached to the belt. All-one-piece made for a well stabilization a heavy load, not like others harness with padding as a separate part that hangs on the inside of the bel