Electric Acupuncture Magnet Therapy


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Electric Acupuncture pen Feature 
The fusion of modern biotechnology, high-quality massage pen, good for health promotion.
Electric magnet therapy without piercing the skin to do acupuncture.
Simple operation, easy to carry.
Safe and effective, with no side effects.
Affordable family use.
Electric Acupuncture pen Specifications:
Type: Massage Pen
Power: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included)
Main Color: Silver
Material: Magnet, Alloy
Features: Magnet Therapy, Health Promotion, Modern Biotechnology
Size: 20cm x 3cm/7.87″ x 1.18″ (Approx.)


①: Turn on the battery lid, insert the 1.5V AA Battery.

②: Put a gel onto the skin (gel enables good electrical contact). Select one of the heads.

③: Click the start button, screen shows “0”, hold the trailing end of the pen, put the probe gently on the skin, then slide slowly.

④: When you find the right points, the pen vibrates strongly, (If not, please continue to slide the pen to find out acupuncture points).

⑤: Optional from “0” to “9”, you can press “+” or “-” Key to adjust.

⑥: Please press back “0” when finishing, and it auto turns out 3 seconds later.