Rubber Pencil Posture Correction Holder


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Material: soft rubber
Quantity: 4 pcs / lot
Applications: correction, hand guard
Scope of application: 3-12 years old
Category: Gripper

Environmentally friendly soft silicone material, effectively reduce the child grip pen pain, intimate design to help parents easily solve the problem of how to guide kids how to get the pen.
4 Pcs pencil gripper can be used by children, adults or the old with arthritis and hands tremor.
With consistent use, it will prevent your middle finger from cocooning and keep you in a good writing habit for a long time.
Our soft pencil grip can help you to relieve pressure while guiding you to write in a correct way. So it will keep you a good writing habit for a long time.
Powerful science to let the child’s small hands can not afford to pinch the magic fingertips 3 fingers between the pinch positioning so that children quickly learn the grip pen, the training of children’s pen habit is a great help!

Packing list:
1X4 PCS / set double finger grip pen holder

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