40pc Eelhoe V-Shaped Face Lifting Patches


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1、For V Shape Face: The face lift sticker is waterproof, which features good elasticity, and your face will not be tight. And it can lift and firm the skin to create a V-shaped face.
2、Soft and Comfy: There are 40 hypoallergenic breathable face lift patches, and they are made from eco-friendly materials, safe to use, healthy, soft and comfortable.
3、3Excellent Face Lifting: The face and neck lifting system enhances loose skin and eliminates wrinkles on the face, neck chin and eye area.
4、Make Your Younger: The face lifting patch should shrink the sagging facial muscles and shape your face. You will instantly look years younger and feel great.
5、Wide Applications: The face lifting patch is ideal for special occasions, weddings, reunions, modelling, photographing, travelling, etc. And it helps to shape a slim, firm and beautiful face.



Gather top front part of your hair up and away from ears.For face lift, take 2 lifting adhesive tapes.Do not remove backing from adhesive area of the tape yet.
lnsert the metal barb of the adjustable elasticb and A (with knots) in the top hole from the adhesive side of the tape.Take another piece of tape and use elastic band B (with hook)and repeat it.
Before removing the entire backing of the tapes, pinpoint the positioning of the tapes in front of your ears . Adhesive side of the
tapes should adhere to your skin and not to your hair.Once you feel comfortable with the positioning. remove the entire backing of the tapes (one at a time) without touching the adhesive, apply to front of left and right ear.Press firmly and rub with fingers for 30 sec-onds to adhereproperly.
By pulling together elastic bands from botih sides,place hook around one of the knots.de-pending on the face Eft you wish to achieve.
You may move the elastic band up or down as needed.