3m Sealing Caulk Strip Self-Adhesive Edge Protector Tape


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  • ✅【Environmental protection material】:PVC and Viscose fiber material
  • ✅【Wide range of applications】: and it can be stick Paste to the gaps in Gap in the kitchen stove, gap in the bottom of the bathroomcorners at the bottom of the toilet, and other dirty corners and Corners prone to moisture
  • ✅【Easy Install and Remove】:The tape is self adhesive,Just peel off the plastic film of caulk strip on the adhesive surface,then press firmly,(Before pasting, there must be no dust on the surface of the product, and it must be kept dry,then the surface of the product can be heated with a hair dryer, the stickiness will be stronger and firmer.) Strong non-marking glue, tearing off the sticking without leaving traces.