21pcs Professional Stainless Steel Nail Clipper Set

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-A new generation of polished anti-skid technology, high-end mystery, sharpness once again improved.

-All tools are made of high-quality steel, never rust, and extremely high hardness.

-Beautiful packaging design, the case is made of high-quality fabric and PU leather, stylish and elegant, is the perfect gift.

-Perfect combination of appearance and quality.

-High quality nail cover

❤ MANICURE SET (21 Pieces): 21 Pieces Professional Manicure Kit Contains nail and toenail tools for three functions, including hand care,facial care, and foot care. This Manicure Pedicure set has every thing you need.
❤ PREMIUM & DURABLE:The Nail clippers kit is made of high-quality stainless steel. The tools are all sharp and highly-durable without rusting. Different tools are designed for different use (for face, hand and foot). Our purpose is to provide a comfortable and sound life for you.
❤ PORTABLE SIZE: Women manicure set is designed with a portable size. You can carry it conveniently wherever you go, just put it in your handbag, car, and luggage and so on. This is ideal for travel or home use.
❤ DURABLE: All the tools are made of quality stainless steel,never rusts,extreme hardness. These manicure pedicure sets are made of top high steel, pretty, sturdy and built to last. You will get your money’s worth with this set and more.

Manicure Pedicure Set (18Pcs)
1. 1x Nail file for coarse wrinkles
2. 1x Double-headed pick
3. 1x Eyebrow scissors
4. 1x Nipper pliers
5. 1x Bevel Eyebrow tweezeers
6. 1x Large nail clipper
7. 1x Large flat-head pedicure knife
8. 1x Small flat-head pedicure knife
9. 1x Bevel pedicure knife
10.1x Crescent pedicure knife
11.1x Dead skin prong
12.1x Small dead skin remover
13.1x Four-ring spiral ear-pick
14.1x Acne needle
15.1x Ear-pick
16.1x Bevel nail clipper
17.1x Medium nail clipper
18.1x Mini nail file for fine wrinkles

Addtional (For 21 piece sets)
19. Bowl shape ance needle
20. Mini nail clipper
21. Bevel Eyebrow tweezeers