20pc/box Cigarette Cotton Swab Waterproof Lipgloss


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0pc/box Lip Oil Cigarette Cotton Swab Portable Waterproof Liquid Non-stick Cup Tattoo Lipstick Lip Gloss Set Lips Tint Lipgloss


Please note: other accessories are not included.

100% brand new quality

Main ingredients: Vitamin E, beeswax, vegetable oil and other natural ingredients

Size: 11.5*6*2.5cm

Applicable skin type: all skin types

Shelf life: 3 years

Color: 01# colorless peppermint lip oil, 02# peach color changing lip oil, 03# colorless + color changing mix (g/ml)


1. Waterproof and long-lasting matte lip gloss lipstick. It will not stick to the cup and will not fade. The classic red shows the most charming you.

2. Contains 20 cotton lip glaze, cotton lipstick is enough, dont worry, its not enough, you can put on makeup anytime, anywhere.

3. Natural ingredients such as vitamin E, beeswax and vegetable oil. Natural beeswax can lock water and retain water for a long time.

4. Silky and delicate, elegant and light lip gloss, suitable for four seasons makeup, especially for office, dating, shopping, summer friends gathering, this is a very convenient and beautiful lip gloss makeup, easy to apply makeup.

How to use:

1. Place the cotton swab vertically, with the yellow marked end facing up.

2. Break one end marked by the horizontal line, and the lip line fluid will flow to the other end.

3. Wait a few seconds, when the other end is soaked with lip line fluid, you can use it