1pcs Natural Ox Horn Gua Sha Board Scraping Massager


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Ideal for head or foot massage, reduce belly size, lose weight and other uses.

This therapy can regulate microcirculation, improve the body’s motor function and eliminate excess fat deposition.

Relieve local heat or nervous tension, relax muscles and stimulate blood flow to help relieve pain and fatigue caused by blood flow factors.

Relax burlap inflammation, sciatica, headache, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome and other similar symptoms.

Suitable for direct use on head, shoulders, face and other body parts.




Material:Natural Ox horn

Size: Approx.10.5*5.5*0.6cm



1.Having good effect to detoxify, nourishing, slim face, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

2.Suitable for face, eyes, neck, arms, legs, feet and many other body parts.

3.Body health care massage tool, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism.

4.Light weight, small size makes it convenient and easy to carry and operate.

Note: Color,size and grain may has some difference from one another because of natural horn